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StepManiaX Dance Arcade Machine by Step Revolution

StepManiaX Dance Arcade Machine by Step Revolution

The StepManiaX revolutionary dance arcade machine is a wildly fun and competitive step game new to the e-sports, recreation, arcade, exergaming, and fitness world. Step Revolution has been in the dance arcade game for years and has spent over 2 years engineering the game board for StepManiaX and is touting the best responsiveness and playability of any dance arcade machine on the market.

Stepmania, In the Groove, and Pump It Up are just a few other machines that Step Revolution has designed and marketed all over the world.

Using impeccable design, accurate pressure sensors, and intelligent LED lighting systems, StepManiaX is the next revolution in dance. The hardware is indestructible, the design is visually captivating, and the continued upgrades and calibrations help minimize the ongoing maintenance costs from other dance machines. 

StepManiaX features four difficulty levels including basic, easy, hard, and wild which 3 levels of doubles difficulty (dual, full, shared team). There are a vast amount of configurable options including game speed, note design, effects, and other settings. There is a mobile app as well for players to keep track of user analytics.

  • Operation: The large touchscreen interface is highly responsive and easy for players of all generations to navigate seamlessly through the menus.

  • Construction: The system is compact, reliable, and durable to produce a consistent gameplay with minimal required technical knowledge. The system withstands continued operating even in very demanding environments. 

  • Gameplay: Typical directions of up, down, left, and right are included along with an additional center position thats unique to StepManiaX which promotes continuous movement and even more unique step patterns.

  • Music Library: StepManiaX is constantly updated and comes with over 300 songs including classic favorites and new revived titles from past Step Revolution dance arcade machines. The song selection appeals to a worldwide audience with a large catchy and challenging selection.

StepManiaX is a highly addictive dance arcade game with catchy music, professional construction, intuitive design, solid gameplay, and cutting-edge connectivity for updates and upgrades. StepManiaX, the next revolution in dance.


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